Anne DelPapa

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​Thank you...

For visiting my website. I have enjoyed setting it up because the whole time I have been thinking about you. How can I help you? What are you looking for? When are you ready to buy and/or sell?

There are so many questions and I am ready to give answers or find out them for you. I want you to feel comfortable working with me and know you are seeing all that is out there! Right now there is a lot of real estate, but it is going quickly.

Getting organized makes this process simple. Having your financing in order so you know what you can afford is a big help. I have names of great, reliable (very important) lenders that are ready to speak to you. They work when we do - all the time! This helps when that perfect house hits the market Saturday at 5:00 p.m.

Having your house ready for the market helps it sell so much quicker. I love to help get the house "ready" by decluttering, touching up and maybe depersonalizing a little so the new buyers can see themselves living there. We also need a "Wow" factor - cannot forget this!

Looking for a home is exciting and a little stressful. I will set up a search for you with the criteria you find important and when a property hits the market, you will be notified. I am ready if you want to see it, and if not, we will wait for the next one. This helps you stay on top of the market.

Once you find that great place, we are just getting started!  I love to negotiate the price and terms to make certain you are well taken care of.  Then we have to have the property inspected.  I am there with the inspector learning hopefully along with you to make sure your investment is sound.  Once financing is set, we are ready to close and move you in!  If you are selling, we get you out of there and into your new dream home.  So, it seems complicated, but really it is simple.  Sometimes, things do not work out, but that is because it was not meant to be....  I work hard to make sure we do not waste time or money getting you where you want to go.

Call me and we will get started!

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