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I married my husband and working in property management/real estate sales.  We chose to have a family so I took off a "couple" of years.  When my last two were in sixth grade I decided to start selling real estate again and studied with them for my test.  Now they have all moved on and I am ready to sell full time again.  We do have a family business of renovating houses.  Learn more on Renovations page.

Before Children:

Anne DelPapa

I graduated from North Carolina State with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Economics.  I met my husband there and we have been together ever since!  I was on the five year plan because my guidance counselor did not tell me I needed a lab until it was too late to sign up.  I worked at an Apartment Community and took the class, graduated and never looked back!

I worked in property management - mostly apartments and HOA'S.  The company had a construction division, property management and sales division.  I had my real estate license and loved all aspects of the real estate world!

Mother of 5

​What I have been up to:

I have decided to go on my own!  This was a scary and smart decision all at the same time.  I have a great deal of knowledge that I gained while working at Fonville Morisey, along with the love of real estate that has made it so exciting for me to learn. Now that I have all of this experience, I am now working on my own.  I am good at getting in the "door", negotiating and having a smooth, easy transaction.  My clients seem happy and that is what counts!


1989 - Present

North Carolina State University

My Experience

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I worked here right out of real estate school (for the second time) with Eddie Brown helping me to learn the real world, paperwork, and how difficult it really is to be a good realtor.  There is a lot more to this profession than is seen from the outside.  I learned to be a "duck" calmly swimming on the surface and problem solving like crazy under the water.  It is a lot of fun, but, there can be some stress at times, especially when you want what is best for your client and you want it all to work out in a timely manner.


2000 - 2005

Fonville Morisey, Brier Creek